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3 Reasons To Replace Old Paper Based Attendance Systems With Fingerprint Attendance Systems

Fingerprint Attendance System is the most useful application of Biometrics Attendance System. This system is used to identify and authenticate people by comparing fingerprint scans with pre-scanned images in the database. You can get more information about fingerprint attendance system via

Here are 3 reasons why traditional paper-based attendance systems should not be used:

1. Eco friendly

Most employees of organizations use paper-based attendance systems to mark in login and out times. The large-scale production of ink and paper takes a lot of energy and uses a lot of resources. 

Everyone needs to stop wasting resources, as the world is becoming more aware of global warming. Fingerprint attendance can make a small but significant contribution to saving the planet. It also saves the user from having to carry an ID card around with them.

2. Identity management and security

Every person has a unique set of fingerprints. It is impossible to fake your identity using a fingerprint scanner. Access to unauthorized people can be granted by keeping a guest register at the entrance. 

As individuals cannot gain access to an organization's premises without authorization, fingerprint access control systems can be used as biometric doors locks at the entry point.

3. Buddy punching eliminated

Employers can suffer huge payroll losses if their absenteeism is covered up by buddy punching from another colleague. Organizations can avoid such losses by using a fingerprint attendance program. 

Employees are encouraged to work despite the fact that buddy punching is not an option. This increases the efficiency and performance of the company.