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AA Lithium Batteries – A Great Advance in Battery Technology

Lithium batteries are available in two different versions. One of them is the lithium metal battery, which is made with a lithium metal battery. It is not chargeable and can be used to replace the alkaline batteries in your electronic device.

This comes in handy with the very popular AA size supporting so many devices. Lithium batteries have a longer life and higher capacity than alkaline batteries. You can also buy Samsung lithium ion battery online via Vape Batteries.

The other type is a lithium-ion battery. It consists of lithium compounds, not the metal itself. This compound is much more stable than lithium metal and provides an excellent source of energy that can be charged at least 500 times.

Lithium-ion batteries are more expensive than alkaline or lithium-metal versions, but because they are often charged, they are actually very economical. Lithium-ion batteries are smaller and lighter than other rechargeable batteries and operate at a higher voltage.

Due to the higher voltages, many devices can only run on one lithium battery instead of using multiple batteries with a lower voltage. They keep their bills for a longer period of time and can remain at high recharge rates for several months.

Lithium-ion batteries are much more expensive than most other batteries due to their intricate design and lower production volume. This price tends to fall as popularity increases and production volume increases. They are not made in the popular AA, C and D sizes. The reason is that they are made in all shapes and sizes for a particular device.