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All About the Visa services

Journalist Visa: A journalist visa is issued for three months at a time on a highly selective basis for media people who want to make a documentary or a movie in India.

Research Visa: Study visa helps to get the best academic in the foreign. The processing time for this type of visa is six to eight weeks. If you want to get a Newzeland visa then you can search for various online sources. 

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Sports Visa: This visa is issued on the basis of an official invitation to amateur sportsmen who want to participate in a sporting event held in India.

Visa Conference: Conference visas are issued to people who want to attend a conference in India organized by the Organization of the Government of India.

Visa Work: work visa issued to foreign nationals who have taken jobs in India with the organizations listed in India. work visas require proof of employment with a company in India with an annual remuneration exceeding $ 25,000. work visa granted up to one year and can be extended under the provisions of the employment contract.

Student Visa: Visa students are given up to five years, provided they are covered by registration or the registration papers for the study in the housing program in an educational institution officially recognized.