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An Informative Guide on Five-Pin Bowling in Carlisle

Five-Pin Bowling is a bowling game in which a duckpin bowling ball is used to knock down five bowling pins arranged in a V configuration at the end of the bowling alley. There are many things to do in Carlisle including traditional ten-pin, nine-pin, and duckpin bowling. The size of bowling pins in five-pin bowling is between ten-pin and duck-pin bowling pins.

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Here are the features of five-pin bowling:

  • Hitting any of the two pins on the middle pin earns you 3 points, and hitting the last two pins on either side gives you 2 points.

  • If you get a hit on your first out-of-frame shot, you'll get a maximum of 15 points for that shot, and the score from the next two shots will add 15 points to your mark for that frame. This means that the maximum result per frame can be 45.

  • If you fail to hit the second shot from the frame, the score of the next hit is added to the total score of that frame.

  • If you hit the middle pin, you get 5 points. 

  • If you fail to score or reserve, you get an open frame, which means you get the number of points associated with the pins you drop in the frame.

  • You can get 45 scores in one frame if and only if you can get a triple strike, which means getting three shots in a row.

In 5-pin bowling, the pins are 25% smaller than in 10-pin bowling. The bowling ball is hand-sized, completely without holes, and rolls easily.