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Breast Reduction – What Happens In A Breast Reduction Procedure?

There are many benefits of breast reduction surgery. Here are the basics of the procedure and what you can expect if you decide to lighten your load:

This breast reduction surgery procedure removes excess fat, tissue, and skin. The surgeon cuts horizontally within the crease, vertically up to the nipple, and around the nipple. This is usually referred to as an anchor incision.

The skin is separated from the muscles and tissues to form skin folds. Based on your suggestions and the desired new size, he will know how much tissue and fat to remove. He then cut off the excess skin.

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The nipple is repositioned at a higher, more natural-looking location by wrapping the upper skin fold around the nipple. This replaces the cut skin and lifts and repositions the nipple.

Breast reduction surgery requires general anesthesia and can take 3-6 hours, possibly less time if you only turn to one side or if you have only subtle changes. Keep in mind that your surgeon may recommend additional procedures for the best results. A breast lift is usually included in the reduction. This isn't really a big deal as the same pieces are used for lifting.

If you don't want or need major changes, your surgeon may be able to give you the results you want through liposuction. The best candidates for this option have mostly adipose tissue, don't want to waste a lot of tissue, and have good skin tone and elasticity that need to be restored.