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Creating A Family Emergency Survival Kit

Creating an emergency kit can help to provide your family food, water, and supplies in case you need shelter in place for a few days. Here are some tips for creating your family emergency kit. 

Water – Have one gallon of water per person and family pet per day (minimum of 3 per family member).

Food – You won't need to stock up on canned goods if you regularly maintain a well-stocked refrigerator. On day 1 of a power outage, you can cook and eat the food in your refrigerator. On day 2 you can cook and eat from the food in your freezer. You can also find a suitable family emergency kit online via

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First Aid & Sanitation – Make sure you have basic first aid supplies such as band-aids, disinfectants, gauze, and pain relievers on hand in a First Aid kit. You may want to consider taking a basic First Aid class from your local Red Cross. Also, a supply of wet wipes can come in handy to help keep hands and bodies clean.

Light – Look for glow sticks or kerosene lanterns. Be sure to always follow safety precautions when using kerosene. Check online or your local camping store for either solar or hand-crank lighting options.

Other – You may want to also consider stashing cash in small denominations. Check with your doctor or children's pediatrician about obtaining extra doses of important medications for family members. Consider purchasing a tent to have on hand in case your home becomes unsafe.