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Different Ways To Use A Local Scrap Yards

Many people don't know the many services that a scrap yard provides. You often think of scrap yards as a place where you can bring your old metal. You can bring your old water heater, pop cans, copper, and other metals to get quick cash. This is an important part of scrap yards, so there are many other opportunities.

The three services that a scrap yard near your area may offer that you might not be aware of:

  • Computer and Electronics Disposal. You can bring in your old computers and hard drives to a scrap yard. If you don't want others to have access to your old files, make sure that they are properly destroyed. You can bring your old electronics to a scrap yard. They will take them apart, melt the metals, or destroy any pieces that you need. Salvage yards are great for recycling old electronics. They also give you peace of mind that your hard drives are safe.

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  • Buy Used Auto Parts. Many people are unaware that scrap yards will take working parts from old cars and sell them at a reasonable price. Salvage yards can sell used tires, wheels, transmissions, and alternators, as well as oil pans, hoods and doors, steering wheels and other used parts.
  • Donate your vehicle for tax credit A vehicle donation program is another service that many salvage yards offer. You can donate your vehicle for parts or scrap metal pricing. Some even take used vehicles and give them away to families in need. A scrap yard is a good option if you're looking to donate your vehicle.