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Everything You Need To Know About Sugaring in Edmonton

Sugaring is gentler than most other hair removal systems. Unlike other waxing products, sugar continuously thins hair growth and makes skin look and feel smoother and more radiant. 

How does sugar work?

Sugar candles are made of water, sugar, and lemon. “By mixing these three ingredients, you make a beautiful soft golden candy. This not only makes sugar wax very effective at removing hair from the roots but also the most natural way to remove hair. You can also visit for natural body sugaring in Edmonton.

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There are two methods of feeding sugar:

1. The candy is rolled into a ball, then systematically applied to a small or medium area of the hair, and then pulled out after drying.

2. The sugar wax is heated in an electric heater to achieve perfect consistency. It can be applied gently with a spatula or blunt steel knife or a disposable spatula for strips. The cloth tape is pressed against the tape and then pulled in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Advantages of sugar over ordinary wax masks

Sugaring combines the removal of unwanted hair with additional skin benefits. It is known to easily exfoliate dead skin cells, and the lemon in the sugar wax also helps to lighten the skin. 

The multiple benefits of sugar are the reason why many women use sugar regularly. This practice is often recommended to maintain an even appearance, smooth texture, and clean body skin.