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Facts And Types of Stained Glass

When choosing glass for your stained glass project, you have several options to choose from. Glass comes in a wide variety of colors, textures, patterns from a variety of manufacturers.

Price will vary by manufacturer, color, pattern, and texture.

Red and orange glasses are usually more expensive than other colors because they are made from precious metals to obtain the color. You can order red dichroic glass through visiting this website.

There are two broad categories of glass. It is either machine-made or is hand-blown. Machine built are often referred to as cathedrals and hand-blown are commonly referred to as antiques.

Antique is made by the mouth blow method and is much more expensive. Sheets are smaller than manufactured. Antiques are usually transparent with intense colors. The thickness, tone, and texture will vary with each sheet of antiqued glass. There is a semi-antique available from machine manufacturers. This semi-antique is blown by a compressor. The sheets are larger than antique and the colors are not as intense.

The machine manufactured is more economical and easily located locally and online.

There are many glass machine manufacturers. Each has a variety of colors, textures, and patterns. Glass made by different machine manufacturers can be recognized by its unique characteristics.


Spectrum Specialty manufactures glass i.e. water glass, baroque, antique, iridescent, multi-color mix, and textured color glasses. 


Bullseye offers a wide variety of sheets, supplies, and equipment. H Their factory opens by appointment only. You can choose from one of their large class offerings at their Resource Center (3610 SE 21st Ave.). You can also buy their products at their resource center.