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Great White Shark Cage Diving In Beqa Lagoon

You have decided to see great white sharks up close and personal (from the safety cage diving, of course!) To make sure you have an incredible experience and great stories to tell your friends and family there are some important research to do and some questions to ask prospective companies diving before booked the trip.

First of all, like other holidays, site selection is important. There are only a few places in the world where you can go scuba diving with white sharks. You can also enjoy the scuba diving in Beqa Lagoon via Bluucorner to explore beautiful marine life and enjoy the ultimate shark dive.

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These include South Africa, Australia, California, and the increasingly popular Isla Guadalupe, Mexico. When dealing with a dive underwater, particularly when encountering and interacting with some 3000 + pound super predators, safety should be the highest priority. The dive operator must be absolutely sincere about the experience of the crew.

Besides diving ask how long the company has been in business, ask specifically how long they have been running their cage diving program, and most definitely ask about their safety record. Some less reputable companies will feed the sharks in a way that is irresponsible and risky, encouraging them to strike or collide with the enclosure.

It is very dangerous for divers and can cause injury to the shark. Responsible dive crew was very concerned about the safety of their clients and the welfare of sharks, often actively support conservation and research of the great white shark locally and globally.