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Gynecologist – Make Sure You Visit One Regularly

As soon as a girl reaches puberty, or at least when she becomes physically active, she should start seeing an obstetrician for a routine check-up.

Even though it can be a little embarrassing until you get used to it, it's something that every woman and woman should take very seriously. You can get top rated female gynecologists in Mesa, AZ at Embry Women’s Health.

One good thing to remember if you are a woman who has regular gynecology exams is your input when you see a doctor playing a very important role.

Before the Exam: After you schedule the exam, but before you leave, it's good to make a list of things that you want to discuss with your obstetrician.

Often we will think about things and make mental notes to mention them, but when the exam time is rolling, we forget everything.

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Try carrying a pen and tablet near you, like in your wallet or in a kitchen drawer when you are at home. Every time you think of something, write it down immediately.

During Your Test: A gynecological examination usually consists of a pap smear, a pelvic examination, and usually a breast examination.

When the doctor performs this examination, be sure to talk if you feel something that worries you. Do you feel pain in certain areas when the doctor does one of the exams? Bring it right then and there, so the doctor can give extra attention to the area.

Discussing Future Promises: One thing you want to do before leaving the gynecologist's office is to discuss future appointments.

If you are physically active with more than one partner, if you plan to have children soon, or if you are past the age of 35 or 40, your doctor may want to schedule an exam closer together.