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Hire the Best Termite Exterminator

Termites are a huge pest to homeowners. If you have a termite problem and it is left untreated, these tiny bugs can literally eat you out of house and home. Here is some information on termites and how termite extermination can save your home.

There are many types of termites. You will need to consider where you live as certain species prefer specific climates. Talking to a termite pest control expert can help you determine which type of termites will cause problems. There are three types of termites: the dry wood termites (above), the damp wood termites (below), and the subterranean termites. 

The dry wood termites are found in the tropics, and they don't thrive well in cooler climates. The northwest is home to the damp wood termites, who only eat wet or moist wood. They have unique reproductive capabilities that make them difficult termite extermination subject.

Many people call a termite extermination specialist and find out that they don't really have termites, they just have flying or swarming ants. While these pests are annoying, they do not do any damage to people or structures.

You may be a candidate to exterminate termites by looking for holes in your wood or sagging doors. These signs can indicate that you are a candidate for a termite extermination job.