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Homocysteine Enzymatic Assay Kit – A Fast Alternative To Immunochemical Method

You have to know how medical specialists in hospitals, nursing homes, and biological labs heavily rely on different diagnostic tools to analyze the signs, symptoms, and nature of various ailments.

BCA Protein Assay Kit is a liquid secure system used for the in-vitro determination of absolute L-homocysteine in plasma or serum. It's a quick, accurate, and cost-effective solution to the immunochemical method.

Using ultra-modern medical devices and diagnostic tools has escalated our abilities to diagnose, prevent, and treat the many deadly diseases with higher efficacy and utmost ease.

The assay kit assists health professionals to diagnose and treat the patients that are suspected of having hyperhomocysteinemia and homocystinuria.

This assay kit is highly demanded in hospitals, nursing homes, and diagnostic labs for featuring high precision, reliability, and user-friendliness in associated medical reports and diagnose. Aside from that, the assay kit features excellent correlation with HPLC and Immunochemical procedures.

The assay may be used for patients with renal diseases since it isn't interfered with by endogenous cystathionine. To describe it more especially, the essay doesn't have any interference from lipemic and hemolytic substances.

Additionally, it gets rid of the"carry-over" interference with iron or lipase reagents which are most likely to occur with other methods when used.

Based on a novel assay principle, Hyc enzymatic assay assesses co-substrates conversion solutions. In the assay, Hyc is freed by reducing oxidized Hyc. Free Hyc then responds with a co-substrate, catalyzed by a homocysteine S-methyltransferase. Coupled enzymatic cycling reactions enhance the co-substrate conversion merchandise.