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How to Unclog a Shower Drain

It's usually pretty rare for showers to suddenly become stopped up. A clog in the shower usually builds up over a long period of time, with the shower draining more slowly each day. Water starts to accumulate and sits for a long period of time, stains will start to form and mold may even grow.

Before you call a plumber or drain cleaner and have to pay a lot of money, follow these basic troubleshooting steps to try clearing the clog yourself. You can visit this website to get professional drain cleaning services in Dublin.

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When you are working with a shower clog, you should remove the filter screen plates during the shower drain and use a piece of bent wire as from a hanger to fish out all types of hair and soap scum that you may see. Many times you find that it just cure the problem.

If that does not help try the next step; make sure there is about an inch or more of water sitting on top of the opening of the channel. Place the plunger or plunger cup over the opening of the channel, then move up and down with a quick movement of the company at least a dozen times to dislodge clogged.

Most of the time that will work for smaller types of clogs. If still not cleared to move to the next step; You'll have to make sure the bathroom floor did not have water in it to soak or clean it up somehow.