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How to use envy mushrooms spores

Discover how to use envy mushroom spores today! This article will show you the best places to find these fungi and how to successfully grow them at home.

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Envy mushrooms are a fungus that is harvested from the wild. They are used in some traditional Chinese medicine as an antidepressant and to help relieve anxiety. The mushroom’s spores can be used as a natural remedy for mental health issues.

Envy spores can be consumed as a food or extract. Consuming the spores as a food allows for a boost of energy and improved mood. To consume the spores, simply dry them and then crush into a powder. The powder can then be added to foods such as smoothies, oatmeal, or capsules. 

How To Use Envy Mushrooms Spores

To use the spores, you first need to gather them. You can find them in the wild or you can grow your own. Once you have gathered the spores, you will need to clean and dry them. Once they are cleaned and dried, you will need to pulverize them. 

Pulverizing the spores will help them to enter your bloodstream more easily. You can do this by taking a mortar and pestle and grinding them into a fine powder. You can also place the powder into a capsule or pill form. You can take these capsules or pills daily as needed to treat your mental health issues.