How Was The Bible Written And Transmitted?

We have a tendency to think about this Bible as a book and we were not entirely wrong-but that the Bible doesn't consistently bound between two covers.  The Bible as we know it took a very long trip through several eras, individuals, and places before it will become a sacred text we understand now. You can get more information about the factual bc and ad timeline online at

The word Bible comes from the Greek word Biblia, meaning"books"  This can be a more precise description of exactly what exactly the Bible is, a collection of several books, like the library.  Each book of the Bible has a special history and chooses the normal course on how to include it in the Bible.

Lots of writers in areas and quite different time to compose and edit books which constitute the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament; all told, the procedure is extended more than a million decades.  There was much conjecture about when folks started to write novels that are currently found in the Hebrew Bible.  

The Bible stands as the supreme constitution for all mankind - The San Diego Union-Tribune

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Traditionally, the Christian and Jewish Biblical writings date from the oldest to the period of Moses, who might have been in the middle to late second century B.C.E. (Circa 1500-1200 B.C.E.) 

Many scholars now claim that the biblical texts of the oldest writing in the eight or even seventh-century B.C.E. For the majority of the historical texts like the Bible, the date of this revived composition.

Biblical texts would be the oldest written on scrolls made from papyrus (paper plant) or parchment (animal skin that's been scraped, glistening, and stitched together).  It's quite probable that each of the books of the Bible was originally written on scrolls.