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Ideas For a Modern Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is more than just putting in a beautiful backsplash or placing attractive cabinets. These thoughtful ideas can be combined with a kitchen remodel to make it both functional and simple to use.

Focus on space management.

It can be difficult to manage space in the kitchen. Consider how often you'll be using your kitchen tools. Your breakfast plates, spoons, and bowls should be stored near your breakfast table. 

You can store spices and other food items if you keep the containers near your work surface. You can also get in touch with experts of MyHouseDesignbuild to know more about kitchen renovation in Vancouver.

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Plan wide pathways

You should allow for movement by ensuring that the walkways throughout your kitchen area are at least 36 inches wide. When renovating your kitchen, make sure you adjust kitchen islands and peninsulas accordingly. These will provide additional work surfaces and a great area to serve large groups.

The right height for your microwave

The chef will determine the best height for a microwave oven. When remodeling a kitchen, it is important to consider the kid-friendliness of the design. The ideal height for the microwave is 15 inches above the countertop if you're designing it for adults.

Use the corners properly

Your kitchen cabinet doors should be fully functional. In your kitchen design, leave enough space to allow for the door's clearance. Keep the kitchen appliances away from corners.

Select an interesting color scheme

For your kitchen, a light color scheme is better than a dark one. Many people prefer dark colors. These dark colors can actually make a small kitchen appear smaller and less attractive.

You have an easy option for recycling

Make sure to prepare a cabinet in your kitchen for any plastic containers, glass, or metal that you don't use as often.