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Ideas to Get Unique Face Filters on Instagram

There are plenty of popular filters on Instagram, and you've probably seen them all over your friends’ Stories. The best way to search for Instagram filters is to search for creators’ Instagram account. You can also check out various face filters via

It is essential to know who created those face filters before searching for a particular filter. Here are some examples:

  • Celebrity Look-Alike filter by @juliataskaeva
  • 2020 Prediction filter by @filippo.soccini
  • 'Friends' filter by @natali.zmi

Make sure the Instagram app you are using is updated. Once you know which filter you want, you can use your mobile Instagram app to get started.

Here are some steps to find a filter through a creator:

  • The first step is to Search the creator of the face filter you want to use.
  • Then press on the smiley face icon above their grid to check their currently available Story filters.
  • Choose the face filter you want to try, then click on the “Try it” button in the lower-left corner.
  • To use the filter you like the most click on the press button and hold down the record button, there is an option to save, and you can also send to all your followers.

 So, thanks to Instagram filters creators, there are now tons of new face filters and effects that can give your Instagram Stories photos and videos an upgraded and edited look.