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Maintaining Your Automatic Swimming Pool Cover

All mechanical equipment needs a certain amount of preventive maintenance. This can be complete overhauls in a simple replacement of worn parts. In an industrial or commercial, regular maintenance is an ongoing procedure to maintain regular operations. 

When down equipment breaks, there may be irrecoverable loss of income, as well as man hours. Regularly scheduled preventative maintenance keeps these losses to a minimum, even preventing them altogether. You can also buy best automatic pool covers via .

All automatic safety covers consist of the same basic components: the drive mechanism, monitoring system and a top fabric. Today cover manufacturers use high quality materials for their pool cover systems, allowing an improvement warranties. 

The most frequently replaced components on an automatic pool cover are the sliders and guides that hold the edge of the canvas cover and guide the fabric cover into the rails, respectively.

These cursors and guides are made of high molecular weight plastics material for strength and durability. 

As the fabric covering is opened and closed, these parts wear out gradually. After two or three years, this port can lead to breakage which usually leaves the cover system unusable. Replacing sliders and guides before breaking, usually every two years, is always recommended.

The second part mostly replaced the tensile cords. There are many reasons why the strings break on the automatic pool covers. A slider too worn or broken may cause cord breaking and a pulley worn or frozen. 

There have even been cases where evidence of rodents gnawing by a rope is present. When a broken rope, blankets can not be used to cover the pool, creating a security risk. The cords should be inspected annually for fraying and stretching, and replaced as needed.