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Online Real Estate Auctions

Online property auctions have exploded in recent years. The popularity of regular online auction sites has finally shifted to the real estate market. Some websites even offer a real estate section, but if you are looking for a decent property, you should visit an auction website that specializes in real estate. 

There are several options and each has its own unique advantages. Buying a home at an online property auction via is a bit different from buying it at an in-person auction or even buying a new home from a real estate agent. 

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The bank auction will give you the opportunity to look and see the house. With online auctions, things are a little different. Due to the global nature of the internet, you cannot see the house. 

So there is no physical examination except just wanting to travel to where the house is located. This can be very expensive and reduce your profits if you decide to resell the home at a later date. 

Online property auctions don't consist entirely of bank liens and "repairs," but these types of homes make up a large part of the list. Ordinary houses without repairs are also listed. Why would they list an ordinary house on an auction site? Let me tell you why. 

If a house stays on the real estate market for too long, its price will drop and the owner will usually look for other opportunities to sell it. This is how the perfect house with no renovation problems ends up at auction for a lower price. The owner is looking for a quick sale.