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Portable Water Filters – Eliminate Your Need To Lug Around Heavy Water Bottles

Having enough clean, pure water while hiking or camping is an important health consideration. Filling a bucket from a nearby lake or stream may not be the safest way to have access to fresh and clean drinking water. 

It is easier and more convenient that hikers and campers should bring a portable water filter rather than carrying a lot of heavy bottles of water. These portable water filters also come along with carabiner clips which make them easy to be carried.

You can know more about water bottle filters with carabiner clips via Having a portable water filter is the best thing a cyclist can do to ensure that they always have access to fresh water supply. 

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Ion absorption is one of the widely used methods to purify water. Electrolysis and small water bottle with a built-in purification system are some other options. 

However, a portable water filter is also beneficial because with it water can be easily purified. It also eliminates most of the suspended particles from the water.

A pitcher with a filtering system can be included in some portable water filters. Just add water to the pitcher and the contaminants from the water can be removed as they pass through the filter. 

Most bacteria that threaten water supplies are greater than one micron and a portable water filter can remove all bacteria from water. Generally, the more effective portable water filter is gravity-fed so that bacteria and sediment are not forced through the filter with water pressure.