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Questions You Should Ask Your Potential Cloud Solution Providers

Once you have decided to avail of cloud computing, it's time to start searching for the right cloud service provider. The following are the questions that you must ask your cloud service provider.


What are their track record and a game plan when it comes to integrating with other on-premise solutions? Click over here For more information about cloud services.


Find out what steps your vendor uptime and how that is communicated to the client, such as what part of the infrastructure hosting. The calculation takes into account uptime.

Questions about the process in place to handle large outages: if they have a SWOT team in place, how they usually communicate with the client, and at what pace and with what level of detail. Determine whether they are proactive or reactive when problems occur.

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Application is critical to your business operations compatible cloud?

Some applications do not run well in the cloud, such as Internet bandwidth problems that can hinder performance. It is not enough to have a host of high-performance application server if your internet bandwidth limitations would provide a poor user experience.

Another consideration to keep in mind is application portability. Although it is often easy to migrate to the cloud application server, the application may have external dependencies that complicate such a move.

Finally, older applications running on legacy operating systems may not have cloud-friendly functions. Before starting the transition to a virtual infrastructure, it is very important for you to check with your MSP partner on the cloud because they must perform rigorous lab testing to identify problems before moving.