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Reasons Why You Need PAT Testing On Your Property

All electrical installations will deteriorate over time, but we often overlook this fact because the wiring is hidden away inside the walls and ceilings and under flooring, so we never see it. The old saying "out of sight, out of mind" very definitely applies in this case. In order to ensure the safety of employees and customers, the electrical installation should be inspected at appropriate intervals as part of a preventive maintenance programme.

Not only does this prove that your premises are compliant with the Electricity, but it also resolves any issues with insurance if there should a fire or any other electrical issue. You can refer to to perform electrical testing in the UK.

The electrical inspection expert will issue you with an EICR certificate – an Electrical Installation Condition Report – which shows that everything is in order.

More and more commercial insurance companies are insisting that testing is carried out on a regular basis. If there should be a fire or other accident involving electricity and you are found to be at fault you will be deemed to have committed a criminal offence, and insurers will not pay any compensation or fines resulting.

PAT testing is extremely crucial for the smooth running of any domestic handy device. It is also found out by experts that the working of any transportable electrical device could be amplified through frequent PAT testing.