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Repairing Wooden Floor Joists

If you have the floor squeaks every time you walk on them, it can be a very annoying problem. With more summer we are now closing the windows and turning on our heating system. When we heat the air in our homes, we tend to reduce the relative humidity, which can cause squeaky wooden floors.

To reduce or minimize the number of psychiatrists your hardwood floors because of a decrease in the relative humidity in your home, you may want to consider having a humidifier added to your forced air heating system, to help maintain a more consistent level of humidity in the house. You need to hop over this link to hire a quality flooring services agency. 

Squeaks caused by movement between the floor beams, sub-flooring, and underlying it. This problem can exist in the old house where years of use, drying in the forest, and settled the home is the primary cause. 

Construction of the old house is usually green wooden floor joists under the floor shiplap boards installed diagonally on the beam. There could then be another layer of boards or plywood underlying. Access to the floor from below is the way to really attack the squeak. If you have a ceiling decline in the basement you should remove some tiles to gain access.

Once you have located the correct area, (have someone walking slowly upstairs above you to make the floors squeak), you may notice a small gap between the floor joists and floor. Insert a small wedge into the gap as tightly as possible. A wood shingle works very well for this.