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Scuba Diving In The Philippines – Some Interesting Facts

If it is about a wonderful trip to the Philippines, it has to be one with scuba diving as the main agenda. Scuba diving in the Philippines is one of the major sports followed enthusiastically by the locals and tourists coming from all across the globe. If you are a true adventurer, then you must not leave any opportunity that you get to indulge in scuba diving.

There is a region in the Philippines that exists between Mindoro Island and Luzon. The region is known as Verde Island. You can also look for the scuba diving adventure in Philippines which is known for its pristine water, with a wide variety of macro and microfauna.

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The interesting thing about the place is that it has been christened as the "hub of the center of the marine life biodiversity in the world". The place is actually an underwater museum that depicts marine life art of nature. There are 5 of the 7 marine turtle species across the world can be easily encountered by tourists while enjoying scuba diving in the Philippines.

These beautiful species include Hawksbill, Green, Olive Ridley, Loggerhead, and the Leatherback. The Leatherback is also known to be the largest marine turtle found in the Philippines. If you are in a mood to explore numerous regions of the Philippines in a short span of time, then you must go for scuba diving.

You can even take advantage of varied trips that offer you great opportunities to explore the Philippines. Visayan Safari is one of these trips. This is a trip that will facilitate you to explore the major part of the nation. The Philippines Island offers more than a year-round diving spot for you. You would be highly impressed to know that there are more than hundreds of dive shops open in the Philippines round the year.