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An Introduction To HVAC Systems And How They Work

The heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system is the respiratory system of any building. Its main reason is to give conditioned air i.e. air which is fresh and clean to breathe in a secure and comfortable atmosphere. 

The HVAC system controls the caliber, temperature, and movement of the air and ensures that it's at a comfortable selection. As per their usage, HVACs can be classified into three types namely industrial HVACs, residential HVACs, and industrial HVACs. 

 hvac systems

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Ventilation Systems: Ventilation systems are of three kinds – supply, exhaust, and more balanced. The exhaust ventilation system uses exhaust fans to draw air out of the house. It reduces the pressure of the air inside and allows the natural flow of air out. 

Air Conditioning: The air conditioning system includes two components, the interior unit is known as the evaporator and the exterior unit referred to as the condenser. 

The condenser is on the high-pressure side of this system. The compressor turns the refrigerant to a high-pressure gas and sends it to the compressor. It loses its warmth and becomes a liquid.

Heating: The HVAC system is made up of furnace and ductwork which are connected to provide heat exchange. The machine usually has a fan attached to pull heat from the ventilation system and permit it to circulate in the building.

There are supply ducts, exhaust ducts,  and return ducts in the HVAC system. Each needs to be installed correctly for the machine to work efficiently. Regular maintenance of your HVAC system might help prevent bad ventilation and spare you on long-term costs.