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Pets and Divorce – How to Keep Fifi and Fido in the Family

Earlier this summer, Judge Gradon S. McKee III made national headlines when he ruled divorced couple Gail and Craig Myers would share custody of Lucky, their adopted son Lhasa Apso. Lucky would spend six months with Gail and six months with Craig. 

Since neither party objected to the judge's new decision, it was final. As McKee notes, "It's very clear that they both love this dog… The only fair thing that needs to be done is to give everyone an equal opportunity to share the love of the dog." Dog love? This is now something new in the law! You can now also look for an animal rights mediator if you don’t want to contact a lawyer.

How to get rid of your spouse but keep the dog

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The more time she spends discussing the future of the furry family or furry companion, the more difficult the divorce will be. So if marriage is being considered in a previous marriage agreement, plan for your pet's future in advance. 

And if divorce is imminent or imminent, consider divorce mediation. With mediation, couples have a less formal forum to express their views, concerns, needs, goals, and even questions about pets.

In the case of a pet issue, a neutral mediator outlines the points of agreement and disagreement. Facts taken into account include the history of animals and their families; who buys, feeds, trains, trains and cares for animals; how she will take care of the pet in the future; and what is in children's best interests about pets. 

These are all important considerations in the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process. If the divorce mediation is successfully concluded by a memorandum of understanding between the parties regarding keeping and visiting pets, a separation agreement regarding the future of the animals may be included in the decision to dissolve.