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What Is A Natal Chart

Since the beginning of time, astronomy has been one of the most interesting things in this universe. There are billions of them in the sky and it sure is pretty normal to wonder where they came from and what they are made of. However, over the time, the study of stars became connected to narrowing behaviors and attitudes of individual. As a matter of fact, this is when the natal chart analysis became a thing to everyone. Though, some are skeptical about it, there are few individuals who think it is relevant.

The chart is apparently a result of thorough observation and study on astrology. Apparently, the position of moon, sun and constellations is an endless cycle. That being said, astrologers thought that the position of these heavenly bodies has something to do with how a person born in such season acts and behaves.

This is the reason why there are horoscopes available on the newspaper, online and few individuals have actually made a career out of it. Well, there are no proofs about the reliability of these charts. However, some description on the chart is just too precise for us to think it is a coincidence.

Sure, we cannot fully base our fates on those natal charts but perhaps there really is a connection. Some astrologers refers to the birth charts as human soul maps because its way more meaningful than that. It defines the wonder of an individual in some kind of a spiritual level, in a really deep connection with the universe and world.

Anyway, there are various heavenly bodies that play an important role in this chart. Their positions over the time are being tracked to connect with our lives. Below are some of those bodies our natal charts are based from. This helps in making the analysis possible.

Sun is the very first thing astrologers look at when they analyze things about birth. This sign is said to speak of ego within an individual. This derives the identity of a person as well as the way they perceive themselves. In short, the sun can reflect the real person inside you regardless of what you do and who you are with.

Then there is the moon, its placement tells you about your moon sign. This one refers to the emotional side of you. The vulnerable and soft spot you have, the part of you which needs to feel safe and secured. Astrologers say that when we want to feel restored, we often lean ourselves to our moon.

With that, the sign of the moon on your birth is basically the side of you which everyone tends to see. This is your guide and direction in living a path and living your life. Your moon sign is something you use to be a ruling force when it comes to the decisions you are making in your life.

There still are so much more to know about natal chart and it simply is not entirely about horoscopes alone. Believing and trusting the signs may seem irrelevant to other people but there is nothing wrong about wanting to feel connected with the world and the universe you are currently in. We all just want to be belonged somewhere.