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Three Natural Health Product Trends

A renewed interest in healthy products such as healthy food is the title of every important document. If you want to be healthy and fit through the upheavals in your daily lives, you must have to use natural products. There are some companies that provide the nhps licensing in Canada to sell natural products.

Eating well is synonymous with delicious, so what are the trends this year? For more information, visit your local health care store for brochures and newsletters.

Brother is watching

Keeping track of our body's nutritional needs has never been easier thanks to the calories listed on food packaging. In Canada, however, it has reached a new level of culinary frenzy. Several countries have passed fast food restaurant laws to publish calorie ratings for each meal. This of course will interfere with some diets. 

Frugal diet

For some, the recession is the best diet to eat (for some, maybe even the first). Thanks to rising global spending and declining global savings, our bags (and cupboards) have never been this dry. Then is the best time to go on a diet. 

The recession really forced us to give up luxury goods as healthy food became more affordable. Next time you make a shopping list, look at what's considered necessary and what's extravagant.

Sweetener business

Aspartame can kill you. That's the hard truth. Studies show that excess of this very popular sweetener can increase your chances of developing certain harmful cancers. 

The ever-savvy FDA has approved a new sweetening supplement called Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni, or Stevia for short. Stevia is part of 240 plant species that can be combined to form substances with a long-lasting sugar taste without the lack of aspartame.