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CCS Technology – Helping Complex Refineries to Reduce CO2 Emissions

Due to the increasing demands of steel, the industries are facing various challenges in CO2 emissions. In order to proceed, carbon-capturing is the best technology to produce clean energy. The stored carbon capture can be used as repurposing and can be used in coal gasification, coal gasification, hydrogen production, natural gas processing, and coal-fired power generation. To get more knowledge about gas refineries via online. 

Dastur Energy can help the complex refineries in decarbonizing the oil and gas through cost-effective capture and enabling refineries to exploit value at the bottom of the barrel by converting wastes to value-added products. With their solutions, refineries can convert petcoke and heavy residues to value-added chemicals like hydrogen through gasification and carbon capture.

DE provides engineering solutions to help our refinery clients manage their solid, gaseous, and liquid zero wastes. The solutions they provide to the industries are based on their IP and end-to-end system design principles with a focus on technology. 

So, by using carbon-capture technology, they can capture 90% of their carbon dioxide emissions and store them. Carbon capture technology is the best option for emissions that cannot be eliminated or where elimination is prohibitively expensive.

Dastur Energy has front-ended projects that help refineries to convert petcoke from waste to valuable feedstock. Their solutions enable our clients to turn waste into attractive value-added products (hydrogen, power & petrochemicals) and simultaneously achieve carbon abatement.