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Can You Create an Automated Onboarding Process In House?

Today's shortage of skilled workers is forcing modern HR departments to stop wasting time on administration and focus on what matters most: recruiting and retaining world-class talent. Given that up to 20 percent of staff turnover occurs within an employee's first 45 days on the job, it is clear that stronger participatory processes must play an important role in this mission.

Automated employee engagement processes integrate online forms with dynamic behavior, electronic signatures, routing to perform relevant tasks, electronic document generation, and secure online storage in HR or corporate content management systems in automated onboarding software for employees & Hr at OVA

Paper and email have been completely eliminated or at least drastically reduced. Process automation prevents layoffs, reduces errors, ensures compliance, reduces company risk, and helps new employees have a positive first day experience.

Today, affordable software makes automation easy and inexpensive. Low-code visual solutions are easy to use, so your company may not need to hire expensive specialized programmers to set up your automated recording process. 

This low-code platform includes a drag-and-drop form designer, targeting and click wizards to integrate business data, and visual tools for dynamic behavior so anyone can easily create online forms, even those with no knowledge of.

Modern and affordable tools can help you digitize new hire forms and create automated processes that simplify integration by offering new hires faster and more efficiently.