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Some Short Horror Stories From The Best Horror Comics

Story Of A Guy

In the day a man was going on bicycle. Unexpectedly, his bicycle's tyre slide and he dropped down.  He got some scrapes on his body. He also saw a hospital in the center of the abandoned street. He moved into that hospital. There wasn't that much audience in that significant hospital. Just 3 doctors, two nurses and a patient that had been kept looking at him. 

1 nurse took him right into an area for therapy. Then, yesterday evening saw a shadow of a woman behind the window of the haunted hospital.

Snakes story

A little child was playing in his backyard. A snake came in the bud and bit him.  Within one hour 2 men from the area also bitten from snake. There was just 1 news happening in anyplace, In each and every moment there was a news coming which somebody was bitten by a snake. You can read all about it from the best horror comics via

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1/4 of the population has been dead in a month from the snakes. A woman called millie was living from this circumstance. There was snakes everywhere.  Nobody understood why the range of snakes was growing so much. Millie had locked herself in a space. A little snake came within the area of Millie. Millie did not sleep well from past two weeks. 

Story of one man left in the Entire nation

He awoke from coma. He was at a hospital, so nobody had been there. The entire hospital has been empty. He came out of the hospital.  He did not even find that a single person on the market. He kept hunting for two decades. However, he did not locate any individual.  He began become psycho.