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How Green is Bamboo Clothing?

At a recent radio interview, consumers questioned"How green are bamboo clothes?" Is bamboo a viable and true environmentally friendly material? Bamboo clothes are popping up more and more at main chain retailers not only in select boutiques but across America.

Bamboo clothing items such as tees, trousers, and shirts made from bamboo are eco-friendly, organic, and anti-bacterial. Bamboo for a crop is really classified as grass and is among the fastest-growing plants on the planet. 


Even in the event of bamboo, green activists appear to be rather split, therefore it's no surprise that the overall consumer is very confused. The extra controversy is compounded by the fact that China is the sole location where bamboo has been processed, it's simply in which the patent is closely held.

Well, some people say it is an illusion that a plant, fiber is going to be everything we need it to be wearing a green halo around its foliage. To break the fiber requires significant mechanical (energy consumption) efforts and water or chemical processes. 

On top of this, bamboo grows very well from insects and insects, so it does not call for chemical spraying and needs hardly any water to grow. A whole lot of eco-friendly clothing is in fact made from certified organic bamboo, which can be grown in a really sustainable manner.

When bamboo develops, magic happens – it processes a bigger quantity of carbon dioxide compared to trees of comparable size. This is truly the biggest advantage of the bamboo harvest where it really earns our support. Bamboo untouched fibers also have a multitude of amazing features, which are cited later in the report.