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Different Types Of Orthodontic Braces In Hilo Hawaii

Dental grips rectify misalignment of the teeth, which in the long run may cause problems with daily-life functions like eating or talking. Today, the market is flooded with numerous types of braces. Normally, we trust our orthodontist to provide us with the best dental care solutions.

However, studying different types of braces is not a bad idea. You can also consult the top orthodontist in Hilo Hawaii via to know more about orthodonticsHere is a list of the different types of braces available in the market:

1. Traditional handle: Usually made of metal and wire. Traditional braces apply pressure to the teeth to align them into the correct position. Strips are placed around the molars to support the wires. This technique also helps secure cables.

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2. Mandatory braces: Unlike traditional braces, they are attached to the back of the teeth. This handle is very affordable and is usually prescribed by dentists all the way up to adults. Legal support is only visible when you are very close to someone, otherwise, they are practically invisible.

3. Self-ligating: Unlike the above, the hand-ligating handle is not very big and almost invisible. They help teeth move more freely than heavier braces by reducing friction between the teeth.

4. Invisalign braces: These are known as "invisible braces". They are made of a transparent material so that the teeth can be seen through them.