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Overwater Bungalows And Overwater Villas In Fiji

Overwater Bungalow, as the name implies, are the self-contained bungalows positioned over the water. Typically, over-water bungalows are located close to the beach, which allows for easy access to the main resort building, beaches, and other facilities.

The bungalows are linked to the mainland via a long plank walkway. The bungalows themselves are raised above the water on solid pillars and sit on a large platform. You can also book an overwater bungalow for your holiday in Fiji through royaldavuifiji.

Often, they contain a glass coffee table or the floor so you can see the water and marine life below. The bungalows may look primitive from the outside but they are usually quite luxurious from inside.

In many resorts, overwater bungalows are gathered fairly close together, because if you separate bungalows by too much, walk back to the beach from the bungalows will become a bit much.

 The restaurant, pool, spa, etc. will generally be on the beach, and also for most of your visit will be picked up in public, the central pier and not in your particular bungalow.

In Fiji, an overwater bungalow is referred to as "water villa" or "overwater villa". They are the same thing as an overwater bungalow.

It's just that the "villa" term is more commonly used. In Fiji, the resort has started calling their larger, more luxurious overwater bungalow an overwater villa.