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Types of Rope in Rock Climbing

There are two basic types of rope used in climbing: static and dynamic. Dynamic is designed to stretch, which is normally used for rappelling, climbing lead, and top-roping. However, for roping on a static rope is generally preferred. Below is a list of the types of thick rope to the thinnest.

Singles workhorse

A single hard worker is a thick rope that provides good protection against rough and sharp rocks. With the combination of thick gloves and a thick core, a single hard worker is not only durable but also easier to understand for the climber and belayer. You can buy a rope for rock climbing from

All-Around Singles

As the name implies, the all-around single is the best to use for all climbing around. All-around single offer average rating thickness, weight, and autumn and typical rope used by most climbers. The all-around single is large for traditional and sport climbing.

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Singles skinny

They are good for long or to climb these difficult sports where weight could be a problem. However, when using a single thin, one must also use a belay device designed specifically for use with smaller ropes. If the route contains a rough stone or sharp though, the skinny is not recommended.

Half Rope

A half rope has two strands of rope are good for long service. Two strands of rope around the rope reduce the likelihood of dropouts due to falling or sharp rock faces. The half rope is also good for rappelling since the two straps can be tied together to extend the distance rappel.


Twin straps similar to a half rope but has the advantage of being lighter and less bulky. Since twins have two strands rope they offer the same advantages of half ropes. But the lighter twin strap that allows for easy rappelling.