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Capture Your Best Moments With Parrot Bebop 2 Drone

Parrot Bebop 2 drones capture some of your best moments using state of the art visual recognition and GPS tracking technology for smartphones. This technology enables your drone to modify its location in real-time. You can check the most advanced parrot bebop 2 review at

The real-time scoping allows you to easily take aerial professional photographs. The automatic tracking mode uses an innovative tracking technology that utilizes your smartphone GPS positioning and optical identification, assuring that it catches your drones with high accuracy wherever you go.

Perfect Side

Parrot Bebop 2 drone allows the tracking and framing at the same view such as front, side, or any different perspective. Make assured you are forever seen on your best side!

Simply pick and go!

Please select on the screen and click "Go" when you are active. The camera will identify you as a target, and keep you automatically center of the frame. You can change the desired target at any time.


Drones are selfies and magical air of an entirely new genre. They are cinematic aerial easy! Use the advanced function followed me to film your outdoor activities.


Whether you are canoeing, biking, skating or go for a run, you can now capture the best moments of your performance. Your drone will always follow. You can even try on a motorcycle or in a car for great photos.

Auto return

Dynamic Back home uses the GPS on your smartphone to locate your position and nearby land. You can deviate from your origin position without bothering about leaving your drone back or miss.