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How To Repair Damaged and Abused Wheels?

You may not have noticed, but you could be rubbing up against the curb, ruining the powder coating, polished lip, or even bending the rim onto a pothole. It's not cheap to buy custom wheels when they have a slight nick or ding.

Instead, contact local wheel repair professionals to repair or remove bends. Even if you don't have to damage the wheel, powder coating can make your car look completely different. You can give your car a completely new look with just a little color and creative ideas, at a fraction of the cost of new custom rims. You can get the services of wheel powder coating at


It is possible to repair almost any damage done to a wheel. You can push back and correct any dents, remove the powder coating and reapply it, or repair any gouge marks left by curbs. Look in your local phone directory to find out how you can repair the powder coating or the entire wheel structure. 

Many companies are available to handle any repairs you may have in your area. These companies have a variety of tools at their disposal. They can use a specially formulated filler to fix gouges or scratches. The company will then balance the wheel to ensure it is round and true, then spray the powder coating or solvent-based coating again. 

Many offer polishing services, which can give new life to dull factory rims.