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All You Need To Know About Tumbled Stones

The small, round and brightly polished pieces of the minerals and rocks are called the tumbled stones. They are produced by placing the rough rocks in a machine which is called a rock tumbler. The machine tumbles the rocks till the pieces are polished smoothly.

They are also called baroque gems, polished gems, polished rocks, tumbled gems, etc. The stones are popular among the people because of their pleasing shape and bright polish. You can purchase shungite home water infusion kit made of these stones via online sources.

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They are used in a lot of things like craft, jewelry, awards, souvenir, collectibles, etc. The colorful stones and materials are taken to make the tumbled stones. They generally have a hardness of 5 and 8.

Making Process of Tumbled Stones

The rocks are tumbled in tumbling machines. They are put together with abrasive grit and water. As the rocks tumble the abrasive grit grains get caught between the sharp points abrade and the rocks. This thus, makes the shape of the rocks rounded. In the consecutive shapes, the silicon carbide granules smoothen the rock surface. In the final step, the polish is used.

Use of Stones

Tumbled stones have a variety of uses. Some of the ways in which the stones used are as follows:

  • Crafts: They are used for a number of craft projects.
  • Jewelry: You can find them glued to some types of jewelry. They are wearable in the form of pendants, earrings, charms, cuff links, etc.
  • Stone Collections: For those who enjoy collecting rocks, this can be a great hobby.