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Do Solar Panels Keep Your Roof And Attic Cooler?

If you live in a hot climate, air conditioning is likely your largest energy consumer. Photovoltaic panels make a lot of sense in these climates because hot climates also have higher solar energy potential.

After all, if the sun is making your house hot, why not also use the sun to generate electricity to keep it cool? If you want to get more information about the solar home, then you can navigate to

But in addition to the active energy generation that solar panels provide, they can also provide another benefit by passively shading your building, possibly helping to reduce the temperature of your home and reducing the amount of time that your air conditioner needs to run.

Whether or not you will see a noticeable benefit from solar panel shading in your home depends on many factors, which this article will discuss in detail.

First, let’s review how the type of roof you have can affect the temperature inside the building.

Roofs can get really hot

If you’ve ever stepped barefoot onto a sidewalk on a sunny day, you know how much heat energy a dark surface can absorb in just a few hours. Do the same on something really dark, like an asphalt driveway, and you can easily burn your feet.

Roof reflectance and emittance

There are two ways that a hot roof will shed heat: by reflecting the sun’s energy, and emitting heat that it’s already absorbed.