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Introduce Your Child To Stand-Up Paddling

As known, every dedication rake (SUP) requires careful preparation, especially for children. Your young pupil should be able to swim and coordinate his movements (5 years), have a life jacket and appropriate sunscreen (sunglasses, hat, even UV-resistant t-shirt).

If you have a longboard (more than 3.50 meters long), it is best to seat your child in your SUP while you are cycling – as long as they are small. This gentle approach lets your little one get to know the water, feel the joy of sliding, and try to stand next to you on the board when doing SUP yoga.

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For both children and adults, choosing a suitable body of water for introduction is very important. Choose a quiet place, protected from turbulent water and swelling, and with little continuous action. 

When thinking of a place in the ocean, make sure it is level and, most importantly, without excessive currents. Finally, pay attention to weather conditions: Postpone your first SUP trip with your child if the weather is cold, windy, or rainy.

You mustn't suppress your little one's motivation before they even get into the water! Be careful in your assessment of the difficulty level in one place! Becoming a skilled rower can be easy for you, while a beginner, even a child, will face more difficulties than you will experience.

 Let the child paddle where you hit the ground and stay with them for confidence and advice on their moves. Think of all the rowing tours you'll be sharing!