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How Good Is A Natural Stone Countertop?

Quartz Countertops are known as resistant to permanent stain. The Use of quartz countertops if there is wine, juice, and oil-related stains. Quartz is the 4th hardest mineral in nature making it suitable for use in natural stone countertops. It is rather expensive though and would cause a dent in your wallet.

Marble countertop is the softest material of natural stone countertops. You can buy natural stone countertops from Renaissance Stone Works.

They can be soiled or stained easily. Keep neat and clean your marble countertops and away from juice or oil stains. Frequent polishing and cleaning marble countertops can eschew any permanent staining. It should be noted that the marble table cannot withstand permanent scratches or stains.

Soapstone countertops are the most popular form of countertops and been used form centuries. Soapstone is very resistant to acid or alkaline material and can, therefore, be used in a variety of equipment. People have been using soapstone countertops preferably in sculpture, glass, fireplace, and tabletops.

Most natural stone countertops, as can be seen naturally resistant to staining and scratching in varying degrees. The important is regular sealing and polishing although it cannot be undermined. Regular sealing of natural stone countertops will ensure that the resistance properties of the natural stone countertop stick with it forever.

Bottom-line, countertops are naturally resistant to scratches and stains. The crucial question that challenges the resistance of these countertops – 1) how permanent is the scratch? And 2) what is the initial rate?

Expect to be disappointed if you have table quartz you experience severe scratches all the time. You must polish your countertops regularly to make ensure they retain control of their resistance to staining and scratching.