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Magnets for Pets and People

Magnets have been used for thousands of years. The Earth has a natural magnetic field and as humans, we need a magnetic field to function normally. This magnetic field allows the body to do what it does and also helps your cells to work more efficiently.

Magnets have been used for years to treat general fatigue, pain, broken bones to heal faster and to help blood circulation problems. This natural energy helps release endorphins into the bloodstream, which helps to kill the pain.

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Space Program (NASA) mice used in many experiments in space and mice that are not equipped with the magnetic field were killed, and people survived.

In recent years studies have been done to see whether the use of a magnet can be beneficial to our pets. The answer, of course, is surprising "yes." magnetic pet therapy is to make use of one of the most natural forces of the universe. It is non-invasive, has no side effects, easy to use, relief of pain and relatively inexpensive deals.

In 1976 Dr. Kyoichi Nakagawa, the founder of modern health research magnetic, published in Japan Medical Journal, an article claiming that the strength of the magnetic field of the earth's natural has been reduced and are being further reduced by building the steel, automobile, high voltage power cable and electric field manmade more.

As a result, people and animals suffering from symptoms such as fatigue, aches and pains, muscle cramps and insomnia, which he called "magnetic field deficiency syndrome." He further went on to state that these symptoms can be treated with the external application of a magnetic body.