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Some Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Tips

A commercial refrigerator is essential to your establishment, cooling all drinks and ingredients to perfection. That is why it is important to perform regular maintenance on your unit 

Here are some commercial refrigeration maintenance  tips that help to keep your unit clean and running strong.

commercial refrigeration cleaning

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1. Consistently Clean Interior & Exterior

Try to schedule a thorough cleaning of the entire cooling unit every week. Removing items from the interior, and putting them in another unit or cold while. Using a  scrub the shelves, soft brush, and warm water and soap, or vinegar. If you can remove any drawers and shelves, soak and rinse briefly when clean.

The exterior of your unit should also be cleaned regularly. It is important to use the proper cleaning solution and the material on the exterior of stainless steel. 

2. Daily Clean the condenser coil

You have to clean the commercial refrigerator or freezer condenser coils regularly. Most company advice cleaning once every two months, and many manuals provide specific cleaning tips. If dirty or dusty, it can be difficult to maintain the temperature, component failure and causing overheating .

The condenser coil is located near the condenser unit, switches the power unit, and uses a stiff bristle brush to remove dust and dirt. Then, clear the remnants left with a strong air compressor or vacuum. The experts must provide special cleaning tips, which is important if your unit in the kitchen near the fryers or griddles.