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Information on How to Store a Bottle of Wine Once Opened


Majority of wines especially the expensive ones have a short period of life after it is opened. Oxygen from the atmosphere when entered inside the wine bottle turning it into vinegar is the primary reason that spoils the wines flavor quickly. Other reason is not being able to store in a cooler environment.

If you wish to make your wine bottle last longer, then follow these tips.

  • Learn the Basics First – The first thing you need to do after a wine bottle is opened is to store in a cool environment. In the case of you residing in a warmer region, then you can use the fridge to store the bottle of wine. This will allow your wine to breathe properly. Moreover, it is always advised to use a cork to close the bottle, avoid storing the bottle in sideways position.
  • For Red Wine Bottle – it is absolutely important not to expose the bottle directly to the sun, keep in upright position while storing inside a fridge instead of sideways position.
  • Additional Information on Red Wines that get Spoilt Really Quickly –
  1. Red wines over the age of 10years old get spoilt in just a few hours.
  2. Light red wines such as the likes of Sangiovese and Grenache are also among a few to get spoilt quickly.
  3. While Pinot Noir is known to get spoilt in the fastest manner.

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