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Are You Taking Care Of Your Marriage

You take care of everything.

You meet deadlines at work.

You keep your kids fed, clean, and well-behaved (sort of).

You know which car needs an oil change, how many loads of laundry you’ll be folding on Sunday, and that your student loan payment is due next week.

You get things done.

But how well are you taking care of your marriage?

When was the last time you learned something new about the person you married?

When was the last time you dreamed and planned for a future that was bigger than who would pick the kids up tomorrow afternoon?

When was the last time you knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that the person building this messy and beautiful life with you was on your team?

The simplest way to stay out of divorce court is to start taking care of your marriage today.

Take care of each other’s love tanks.

Take care of each other's dreams and hearts.

Take care of each other during the arguments .

When you commit to an On Purpose Marriage you will value each other more, be thankful for each other, and feel more confident about your future as a couple.

For many couples in a bad place it is simply a case of “We stopped seeing each other.” Many of us need tools to help us refocus and start paying attention to the person we promised to love and to cherish until death do us part. You may be simply ignoring the signs she still has feelings for you.

The On Purpose Marriage gives you those online tools and resources that will make you a stronger and more confident couple. You will receive weekly emails with tools that will make it easy and fun to take care of your marriage.

Netflix & Chill Sessions

"Netflix & Chill" sounds like the laziest date ever, but what if you used the movie to START a great conversation? Each month you'll get 2 movie discussion guides that will help you have interesting conversations after the movie and during the dinner.

Continuing Education for Your Marriage

Most professionals participate in some kind of Continuing Education program, so why shouldn't married couples? Each month you'll get a short class on a marriage topic that will help you look at your marriage differently, learn a new skill, and be a better spouse.

How you doin'?

Each month you'll get a set of interview questions to find out how your marriage is doing. A big part of an On Purpose Marriage is finding out about issues before they become too big to handle, and these interviews will be a great time to do that.

Bonus: We'll be recording OUR Check-In interviews and sharing them with you so that you get an idea of what they might sound like and know that all marriages have issues.

Communication Tools

Each month you'll learn a new communication tool to help with your Couples Skills and make your hard conversations a little easier. So many of us just 'wing it' when it comes to communicating with each other, but an On Purpose Marriage is not about that life. An On Purpose Marriage communicates clearly, thoughtfully, and respectfully.