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Quick Tips About Tornado Claims in Texas

Tornados are one of the most feared weather events in the United States, and very severe tornadoes can destroy homes or level towns. As policyholders try to recover from the destruction, they can run into surprising and overwhelming challenges with their tornado insurance claim. They often don’t understand their rights well enough to fight back. 

In that scenario, hiring top Texas tornado damage insurance claim lawyers is a good choice. They have decades of experience helping policyholders get the results they need.

tornado insurance claims

Following are the tips you can follow when you are claiming for toronado insurance:

1.) Call your insurance carrier immediately to report damages

There are several reasons to report any weather-related damages to your carrier as soon as possible after a tornado. First, it is a requirement of the policy to do so. Secondly, after a storm, insurance companies will become inundated with calls from policyholders. The quicker you react, the better customer service you will receive.

2.) Save all receipts for storm-related expenses

Expenses that you incur post-storm may be reimbursable by your insurance carrier. It is vital to keep all of your receipts for the costs you incurred that were a direct result of the storm. For example, if you had to buy a tarp for your roof to protect it from further damage, or because of damage to your property you had to stay at a hotel for several days. Always keep your receipts, no matter how inexpensive the item may have been.

3.) Tornadoes can cause both wind and water damage

High winds from a tornado can tear off roofs, overturn vehicles, and affect the structural integrity of buildings. If rain were to follow thereafter, it would cause extensive damage by entering the damaged property’s openings. Property damage claims due to wind and water must be handled correctly. 

These are a few tips that help you when you are claiming for toronado insurance.