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Japanese Version of the Fun Things to do


When it comes to traveling to Japan, this country is perfect for solo, families and group of friends. There are sights to see, activities to do, weird yet delicious food to eat etc. Traveling to Japan can be intimidating if it’s for the first time. That is why these are a list of the best fun things to experience during your first visit to Japan.

  1. Roam Around Tokyo’s Streets via Go-kart – One of the best fun things to do in Japan is to roam around Tokyo on a go-kart. Go-karting is quite popular in Japan and it offers a great experience to see tons of beautiful things around Tokyo. For this activity though, you are required to carry an international driving license or else you will not be allowed.
  2. Hop inside a Super-Fast Shinkansen – Japanese people travel from one major city to another inside a shinkansen. The shinkansen is not your usual train ride and in fact, it is the opposite way around. The shinkansen is a bullet train that reaches a speed of 320 km/h. Now before you hop inside a shinkansen and end-up spending a fortune, make sure you buy a rail pass. This way you will be spending less and allowed numerous times to hop inside these fast trains.
  3. Enjoy a Full-Day at Disney Sea – One of the best parks in Japan is the Disney Sea. It is a theme park that has tons of amazing rides made perfect for travelers traveling in a large group.

With these fun things, you need to seriously consider getting the best Japan tour package.