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The Best Industrial Uses Of Hemp

Hemp oil products are what comes to our mind when someone says it. But do you have the slightest idea of how it was the main ingredient in everything produced in the 80s? Because of its versatility and tensile strength, plants are used in making paper, clothing, food, cosmetics, etc.

The demand for this crop is what cotton demand is today, which is why it became a 'commercial crop' in the 19th century. With the legalization of hemp production and application, it seems that the benefits of this crop are reappearing in the industry. Read more information about cbd pure hemp oil via

Here are some of the best industrial uses of it –

  • Vehicles – Hemp fiber is lightweight but can withstand stress thus making it a desirable material for cars that have a good structure. Hemp has been used in making bicycles and airplanes as well and has received very economical and reliable reviews with commendable fuel efficiency.
  • Textiles –  We have not been fortunate enough to know how flax clothing feels because industrial tycoons in the 1800s were determined to shut down hemp production for their benefit. However, hemp clothing is back, the fiber used to produce clothing is more durable, flexible, and more resistant to UV rays and atmospheric factors when compared to cotton.
  • Fuel – Petroleum and another extinguishing of fossil fuels are wrong on many levels. Natural biodegradable hemp fuel is what we want from petroleum: cheaper and more environmentally friendly. Because of its short growth range, 11% oxygen content, and capacity to refresh the soil, cannabis hardly causes environmental damage. However, the benefit of the star is that it is a great lubricant and can add years to our vehicles.
  • Cosmetics – Almost all major beauty brands have received the return of flax and introduced some very amazing products. The inclusion of flaxseeds in cosmetics is based on the high content of fatty acids which are very important for good hair, skin and nail health. Flax based cosmetics can also help reduce acne and provide relief from eczema and standard dermatitis.