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The Importance Of Outdoor Misting In Your Building

Whether you are trying to keep a building cool in the summer or protect your plants from the harsh outdoor environment, outdoor misting is a great option. Find out more about how this can benefit your building and what components need to be put into place for it to be effective.

A misting system is a great way to keep your building warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Misting systems force a high-pressure mist of water directly on the building's surface which creates artificial air. The heat created by the moisture prevents condensation, which can cause damage to insulation and ceilings. There are a lot of benefits to installing an outdoor misting system in your building from

Outdoor Misting System

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The most important benefit is that it helps reduce the occurrence of dust, fungus, and mold in the environment. It also keeps humidity levels up which can protect against allergens that are not only harmful to humans but animals as well. The system is also great for treating those with asthma. There are a lot of benefits to having the mist in your office.

There are many types of mist systems that you can use for your building. There are three main types: free-standing, in-floor, and wall-mounted. Free-Standing systems come with their own pump, reservoir, and tubing where you want it. They typically need a separate controller to turn the system on and off. 

In-floor misting systems work best when installed in an office or public area that already has pipes running through the floor. This system is also called a fog machine and usually runs from a small tank inside the building to an exterior spigot outside of the building that sends the water up into the air via an inverted siphon tube. Wall-mounted misting systems hook up to existing plumbing vents or intake ducts in buildings.